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Our Story

Sustainablee is a proudly Sri Lankan lifestyle brand and we advocate sustainable living. We try to influence our consumers, suppliers and community to adopt a greener way of life, prioritizing the environment and our planet.

We ensure each of our products are thoughtfully curated to ensure maximum benefit to the community and environment. 

We are a social enterprise, as we work with local craftspeople, and artisans who practice sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes. Most of our suppliers are small business owners who either work from home or are based rurally and are financially vulnerable.

We source locally, therefore, we visit their work spaces, build a rapport with them and work together to improve their skills, product quality and promote their buisnesses.

The brand was born in 2018, with a few products at the Saturday Good Market on Reid Avenue. With the overwhelming support  from our customers we were able to expand and grow over the past year, and now have over 25 products and are available in more than a dozen stores in Colombo. We are also available internationally in Switzerland and USA through our international partner organizations.

The Sustainablee brand is the brainchild of Dinushika Gunaratne. Her work in the field of effective waste management solutions in Sri Lanka helped her understand the urgent need for people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

“In my field of waste management and sustainability, I was engaged in creating awareness among the community to bring about a behavioral change that will positively impact the environment. Also during this time, by meeting and working closely with recyclers and other environmental organizations, it became evident that many others, like me, were working towards the same goal—to bring about that change!

Through the years, it became my passion to find a means to bring together easily adaptable solutions for people to make this change. Within the industry, I met many local businesses and craftspeople who were creating interesting products using various types of waste material. I not only wanted to purchase these products for my own use but wanted to make these products accessible to a wider consumer base, and also ensure these businesses find a means to increase their income in a non-exploitative manner.

The best way I could combine all these people, their talents and efforts and my passion to advocate change was to create a lifestyle brand that was carefully curated, well designed and locally sourced; and in 2018, Sustainablee was born!

We are a platform through which small businesses can directly impact your lifestyle changes by providing you quality products that are reusable and sustainable. We advice and educate local communities on sustainable living, together with my inspirational partner and environmental advisor, Kanchana Weerakoon of Eco friendly Volunteers (ECO-V).” 

Dinushika Gunaratne