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Each of our products have been thoughtfully curated to ensure maximum benefit to the community and environment. 
Sustainablee products are hand made by home-based or rural small businesses and therefore, each item is unique. We value these differences and strive to bring you a well-finished, durable product that is most importantly, environmentally sustainable.

Our home & kitchenware, reusable bag range and stationary items are re-usable and affordable alternatives to plastics and single-use products that harm the environment. The range of personal care items is all natural and non-toxic. We encourage our suppliers to abide by environmentally conscious practices and manufacturing processes.

To purchase our products  visit our partner stores listed on our home page.


Home & Kitchen

The home & kitchenware range includes reusable grocery bags and food wraps that are affordable alternatives to single-use products that harm the environment



The stationary collection includes a range of notebooks, journals and file holders made by upcycling waste material. Such as fabric
off-cuts, polythene and unrecyclable food packaging (crisp/biscuit wrappers, foils, laminated bags).


Personal Care

The personal care collection has been curated to help you make the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle with natural and biodegradable items. Products include, natural deodorants, bamboo toothbrushes, wooden cotton buds and a range of essential oils.


Reusable bags

The reusable bag range includes upcycled sarees bags, cotton tote bags and veggie bags all designed to replace/reduce the use of ‘single use bags’. 


Gift Packs

The range of Sustainablee gift packs are carefully curated and includes products from our range wrapped in natural and resuable packaging.


 Custom Products / Corporate Branding

Our range of products can be customised to meet your requirements.