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Sustainablee is proud to partner with these talented individuals from various community groups around Sri Lanka.

We work with local craftspeople, artisans and producers to develop products with the least amount of environmental impact. We visit their work spaces, build a rapport with them and work together to improve their skills, product quality and promote their businesses.

Sustainablee products are mostly hand made by home-based or rural small businesses and therefore each item is unique. We value these differences and strive to bring you a well-finished, durable product that is most importantly, environmentally sustainable. 

We have shared some details of our key partners below

Eco Friendly Volunteers

Founded on environmental conservation and Buddhist principles in 2001, ECO V is a non-profit that focuses on scientific research of fauna and flora, permaculture and urban agriculture as well as environmental conservation and climate change. ECO V founder Kanchana Weerakoon has conducted comprehensive scientific research at Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, Natural Springs at Kebethigollawa on spot bellied Pelicans, and Purple faced Langurs at Bellanwila Attidiya Bird sanctuary.  

Through its countrywide network of volunteers, ECO V conducts educational programmes on green leadership, conscious consumerism for children, youth and adults in its effort to promote community based environmental conservation and sustainable living.  

Sustainablee is honoured to partner and work closely with Kanchana and her team at ECO V to study the market and develop environmnetally sustainable products and practices that can bring about real and lasting change. 

Human Development Foundation

The Human Development Foundation Women’s Cooperative Society-Telwatte was established in 2005 in response to the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and was set up by local NGO partner HDF (Human Development Foundation) with funding from Shine Life Children’s Trust UK (SLCT). HDF and SCLT continue to provide vocational training for income generation and project monitoring support to the 45 women who make up the HDF-Telwatte Society which is now a self-sustaining entity that has continued to grow through the dedication of its trustees and the stregnth of its local community members. Sustainablee is proud to work closely with the HDF-Telwatte Women’s Cooperative Society to design and develop sustainable products for our label which in turn ensures a regular income for the women and their families involved. 

Katana Upcycle

Katana Upcycle, a local home based business, is the product of a much larger project that resulted from an Australian educational grant involving three local universities whose main focus was on working with the local informal sectors to use waste plastic and fibres to make composite material that are versatile, long lasting and marketable.

Sustainablee sources composites made from recycled plastics, polythene and factory off-cuts to create many of its one-of-a-kind products and is proud to partner with this local business.